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News from the Missions/Outreach Committee 

Thank you for your support of the Hill Country Youth Ranch. Established in 1977, the ranch is a non-profit, charitable corporation licensed by the Texas Dept. of Family/Protective Services to provide long term therapeutic care for abused and  orphaned children at all levels of need.

The Mission Emphasis for the month of August is the Society of St. Andrew. The Society was founded in 1979 by the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church but welcomes people of all faith traditions and all those who wish to help others in service to those who are hungry. The Society is named  for the disciple Andrew who, according to the gospel of John, brought the small boy with a few small fish and loaves of bread to Jesus while he was preaching to a very large crowd. That boy's small lunch was then used by our Lord to feed a multitude of thousands. The Society of St. Andrew brings people together to harvest and share healthy food, reduce food waste and build caring communities through programs such as Harvest of Hope and Potato Project. The former takes participants into previously harvested fields to glean crops that would otherwise be lost and the latter collects potatoes which have been rejected for minor blemishes by various commercial enterprises to be shared, in both cases, with those in need. Through these and other projects, the Society has distributed over 800 million pounds of food since its founding.


I thank one and all for your continued support of this wonderful mission organization.

Dave Rush
Missions Chair












Water Bottle Ministry
at Elm Creek Park

The Water Bottle Ministry at Elm Creek Park is underway and St. Paul’s will make water bottles available to visitors at the park through Labor Day Weekend. 

This year we anticipate providing around 1500 water bottles!

Darleen Allan and Leslie Russell do a great job of  servicing the ice chests, but they could always use some helpWe also need help putting the St. Paul’s labels on the water bottles.  If you would like to help, please contact Darleen or Leslie or call Sue in the church office!

In addition, monetary donations are always welcome to help in purchasing the water bottles.**  Just remember to mark your check “Water Bottle Ministry.”

Thank you, St. Paul’s, for your support of this important ministry!

**Because the water bottle labels require a specific type of water bottle, we are requesting only monetary donations so we can purchase the correct water bottles. Thank you. 

   August 2019   
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