Mission Ministry: Did you know?

Mission Ministry: Did You Know?

The Raphael Community Free Clinic serves qualified low-income uninsured adults (no children are served) of Kerr and surrounding counties. The clinic provides free physical and mental healthcare along with medications. This clinic was formed in 1997 by Sister’s Novak and Giardiana and was housed in the Norte Dame Catholic School. In 2001, the operation was expanded to its current location on Waters Street. Currently the clinic is open from 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Thursday. The clinic serves about 4,000 patients annually and they are seen by volunteer RN’s, LVN’s, medical assistants, family nurse practitioners and physicians. These volunteers contribute over 2,100 hours of service annually and the volunteer administration staff contributes over 7,300 hours of duties annually.

Patients qualify for service when they have no insurance coverage of any form and their income must be below 300% of the current Federal poverty income guidelines. Patients also must provide 1040 tax forms to prove income eligibility.

The clinic does not seek or receive any city, state or federal governmental funds. Donations provide the following:

$120 - 2 to 4 weeks of glucose test strips for diabetic patient.

$300 - a stock of antibiotic stock for 16 patients with infections

$1,000 - 25 doses of preventative Tetanus vaccines for patients.

$2,000 - a 6 month supply of cholesterol tests for patients.

$3,500 - a weekly supply of insulin for 150 diabetic patients.

web site: https://www.raphaelclinic.org

Thank you Sister Novak and Giardiana and the Norte Dame Catholic Church for recognizing a need and providing a solution.

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